The Different Types Of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a piece of furniture that forms the centre of living rooms. When you think of living room decor, coffee table is the next thing that comes to your mind after obviously the sofa. It is a piece of furniture that, apart from accentuating your living room decor, serves other purposes like holding coffee cups, coasters, books and other things as required. Most of the coffee tables come with cabinets and drawers that can act as storage spaces for myriad things. It works as a centrepiece for the entire family to gather around over a cup of coffee. In short, we can say that coffee table is an important piece of furniture that not only has an aesthetic value but also a potent, functional value.

Generally, coffee tables come in countless sizes and shapes and reflect the owner’s taste and choice. They are available in almost all shapes and sizes like round, elliptical, the standard rectangular or even square. You can choose the right shape to complement your living room decor and your functional requirements. For example, round or elliptical shape would be more apt for a home with kids and rectangular coffee tables would be more appropriate for a room that is small in size. The size of the table should be chosen according to the size of the room and your storage requirements.

When it comes to style, coffee tables are available in innumerable styles that will speak aloud of the owner’s taste. There are various styles to pick from, right from contemporary to the vintage styles. You can choose a style that complements your furnishings and reflects your taste because some styles are basic while others are quite extravagant. Depending on your taste, requirements and budget, you can choose the right style to fit into your living room. Moreover, they vary in the materials that they are made of, and you have options of wood, glass and metal. You can choose a material depending on the other furnishings in your house and your own taste. However, wood seems to be the most obvious choice for coffee tables, but glass makes the place look more spacious and so does metal. The darker shades of wood give a more traditional look to the furniture while other materials like glass and metal look more contemporary. Nevertheless, glass and metal might not be a perfect choice for a house where kids are there due to safety reasons.

Functionality of coffee tables is the most important aspect that should be considered while choosing a coffee table for your living room. If you are buying a coffee table just for their decorative value, then fancy, good looking coffee tables without any cabinets would work for you. Although, if you are looking for creating some space in your living room, then coffee tables, which have drawers and cabinets, would come in handy. They are available in various prices in the market, so you can choose the one that suits your budget. To create a positive impression on your guests, choose the right coffee tables for your living room.

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